About us

We exist to inspire and empower women while caring for the environment. We live to combine elegance with sustainability.

Modallica is a British-born brand offering organic clothes to stylish women who love sleek designs and fashionable finishes. Our brand is curated especially for strong, independent and eco-conscious women who refuse to compromise when it comes to caring for the Earth. We understand that style and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive, we can combine the two to create fashion which is desirable as well as gentle on our fragile planet.

We stand for exceptional quality and sustainability first and foremost. To honour this, our pieces are made with certified, 100% organic fabrics which are kind to your body and overall wellbeing. Inspired by the needs demanded by the fast-paced modern lifestyle lived by most women, we offer natural and breathable garments. Whilst wearing our garments, you will feel comfortable all day long while looking elegant and stylish. We believe that clothes should empower you, not restrict you.

We adore clothing, but we love the environment even more. To join these two passions, we have sought to create a brand which provides women with luxurious, flattering garments created with the utmost care and responsibility to our planet. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our clothes are the answer to an immense frustration within the fashion industry. This frustration is born from the fact that most of the clothes are made of synthetic materials which pollute and harm the environment. It doesn’t stop at the clothes themselves, as most packaging materials are also non-recyclable and will end up clogging landfills for decades to come.

We strongly believe that a sustainable lifestyle should extend not only to the way we live but to the clothes we wear. We support and cater to fashion-conscious women who want to support the environment by making eco-minded fashion choices without letting go of their impeccable, unique style. We understand the huge environmental impact that fashion can have, but we also know that fashion can be sustainable, eco-friendly, and responsible. We want to inspire a new movement of eco-friendly, sustainable living which extends to the fabrics we wear on our bodies. Fashion can help us to help the Earth while keeping us looking amazing.

In terms of the aesthetic and construction of our clothing, we treasure quality, uniqueness and craftsmanship. We want every piece to be long-lasting, versatile through the seasons, and timelessly stylish. We are a deeply individual brand with a real passion for helping women express their originality through luxury garments. We do what feels right, what feels new, and what feels exciting. By following these instincts, we have created a brand and a collection of pieces which we are proud of, and which we know women will be proud to have in their wardrobes. We don’t want to simply sell clothing, we want to provide special pieces which our customers can treasure and wear for years to come. We are thrilled to be succeeding in this wish and feel great knowing that we are making a difference to the planet, and to the fantastic women who shop with us.

A word from Kate – Founder and Creative Director

“Clothes have always been my obsession. Despite the vast amount of clothing available for women from high street stores to designer pieces there aren’t a lot of pieces that are stylish and additionally made from organic materials. Every time I shop I needed to compromise on either style or fabric. This inspired me to create a brand, a destination for women to find eco-friendly, stylish pieces made for the real needs of modern women.”


We work hard to ensure that our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. To do this, we design, produce and sell only in an ecologically-friendly way. Our packaging, hangers, bags, stationery, and all other products which we use in our day-to-day operations are 100% recyclable. Everything you take home from Modallica has been carefully considered, so together we can care for the Earth while we care for ourselves with premium garments.

We design our limited edition pieces in London and produce them in Europe with a very talented team who create our clothes with love and care. All of our production methods and materials follow the best practices in sustainability. We describe our garments as feminine, yet completely fitting for the modern lifestyle and the women who live it daily.

Take a look through our collections and treat yourself to a new piece, knowing that by doing so, you are supporting a conscious effort to care for and nurture the environment we share. Many of our pieces can be layered and worn throughout the seasons. Our colours range from bright and bold, pale, fresh, to deep and inky, so there’s something for every taste and complexion.

We hope that you will love our clothes as much as we do!