Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage sustainable living through the power of eco-friendly fashion.

There’s no denying that our earth is under tremendous pressure. Resources are strained, green spaces are sparse, habitats are destroyed, and creatures are struggling to survive. As distressing as this is, we can remain positive. And driven by our positivity, we can make positive change.

Positive change does not end with recycling our household waste, driving eco-friendly cars, buying organic foods, or using solar power. It extends to everything we consume, including our clothing. Imagine if everyone stopped buying non-organic, non-sustainable clothing and turned to organic, sustainable, eco-friendly brands? The significant, non-organic textile corporations would suffer losses, having to either change their ways or bow out and leave the way open for ethical, eco-friendly textile and clothing companies to lead the industry.

Water would be clean. The soil would be saved from being poisoned with chemicals. Farming communities would thrive and prosper. Clothing would be of a higher quality, therefore lasting longer, which would ultimately reduce the amount of discarded clothing ending up in landfills.

It is an achievable dream, and we believe we can help to make it happen.

So where does this leave us and our promise to you?

We believe we can make a change. We are part of the movement toward sustainable, eco-friendly textile and clothing production, by offering high-quality organic garments.

We believe in our mission so firmly that we have set out our promises to you, our customer.

We promise to use only organic fabrics and natural dyes.

All of our clothes are made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. We use organic pima cotton, organic bamboo textile, and Ahimsa/Peace silk. All of these fabrics are sourced from certified 100% organic farms who stick to strict processes to ensure their practices are eco-friendly and gentle to the earth.

Every fabric we use is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), so you can be as confident as we are in the organic quality of our product.

When it comes to the organic silk we use, the production units from where it comes are regularly visited by the Fair Wear Foundation. Foundations such as FWF keep the ethical standards of garment factories high, the work conditions safe, and the environment protected.

By using organic fabrics, we are supporting farms which work hard to ensure the earth is taken care of. This means using less water, using non-GMO seeds, and keeping the soil free from chemicals and pesticides.

We dye our fabrics with 100% natural dyes without the use of hazardous chemicals. This not only keeps your skin safe and healthy, but it helps to reduce the amount of chemicals being sent into our world.

We refuse to use chemical treatments and instead turn to all natural dyes and printing processes to color our beautiful organic fabrics.

We promise to turn our backs on plastic.

We know that plastic is a harmful and destructive material for the Earth, so we refuse to use it. We do not use any plastic in our product. Our garments and packaging are entirely free of plastic. Everything we use is biodegradable, so you can rest knowing your purchase with us does not have a negative impact on the Earth.

We promise to use eco-friendly packaging.

When you purchase a Modallica garment, your clothing will be sent in 100% eco and recyclable packaging. We ensure that sustainability and eco-friendly practice encompasses every aspect of our business, and we work hard to uphold this.

We promise to be cruelty-free and animal-friendly

We take a stand against animal cruelty and promise to use only animal-friendly materials. All of our fabrics are cruelty-free and do not exploit any creature, human or animal. We use Peace Silk (also known as Ahimsa silk) which is made in an ethical, cruelty-free way. We can enjoy the beautiful benefits of silk, without causing inhumane harm to silkworms.

We promise to support fair trade and ethical work conditions.

The Earth itself is not our only concern. We are concerned with people, and the experiences they face at work, home, and in their communities. We promise to only work with farms and suppliers who believe in and follow ethical, fair trade practices. Organizations such as the Fair Wear Foundation work hard to ensure workers in garment factories are treated with the safety and respect they deserve.

When you purchase a Modallica garment, you can feel confident knowing that it has been crafted in a safe and ethical environment.

We promise stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting garments you will love.

Hand in hand with our mission to make a positive change in the fashion industry, we have a mission to make beautiful clothing. We are dedicated to creating stylish pieces which will never become outdated. We love comfortable, easy clothes which have a sense of sexiness, fun, and sophistication without being restrictive.

We promise clothing that is soft, comfortable, and kind to your skin. We deliver this promise by using organic materials made from the best sources. Our garments breathe, move, and regulate heat as you live your busy, vibrant life.

Our colours, patterns, and silhouettes have been carefully curated to be flattering on a wide range of complexions and body shapes. We are confident that there’s something for you in our collection, a piece you will wear, love, and cherish for years to come.