Organic Fabrics

All of the fabrics we use to create our garments are 100% organic, and created using sustainable materials and processes. Not only are our fabrics eco-friendly and responsibly sourced, they’re absolutely gorgeous to the touch and to the eye.

Why are we so dedicated to supporting sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics? A good example to start with is cotton. Most commercial cotton plantations use eye-watering amounts of chemical pesticides, as well as thousands of liters of water, one of our most precious resources. Not only do these harmful chemicals seep into the earth, but they contaminate the water that the farming communities drink. Many non-organic commercial cotton farms have terrible working conditions, leaving their workers exploited and not properly cared for. In some cases, such farms are a site of human rights violations.

Our goal is to support the textile businesses who are making a positive change in the industry. We source all of our fabrics from like-minded companies who use sustainable materials and practises, refuse chemicals, and have safe and ethical workplaces.
Organic fabric farms care for everything from the seeds, soil, crop, textile, and finally, the people they work with.

These are the all natural, non-synthetic fabrics we use for our garments:


Pure cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics we can possibly wear on our bodies. But when it’s grown in unsustainable, non-ethical, and chemical-driven conditions, the comfort and quality suffers. That’s why we are proud to use organic pima cotton, as it provides the glorious benefits of cotton, while still upholding the ethics of sustainability and eco-friendliness we stand by. Pima cotton is characterized by long threads, which gives it the softest touch of all cotton types. The long threads create a durable, tear-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Here’s what we love most about organic pima cotton:

– Organic pima cotton is grown without the use of GMO seeds

– Organic pima cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides which harm the soil

– Organic pima cotton farms are safe work environments for farmers, as they don’t face the risk of being poisoned by dangerous chemicals and pesticides

– Organic pima cotton growing methods improve soil quality

– Organic pima cotton farms support ethical growing conditions to protect the land, the farmers, and the consumer

– Organic pima cotton is eco-friendly, soft, luxurious, durable, and beautiful


We love to use bamboo to create our garments. Bamboo is an eco-friendly crop as it is incredibly fast growing, it requires very little water, and no fertiliser at all. It basically grows itself at a rapid rate, then grows back from its own roots after harvest.

Bamboo fabric is a joy to wear, especially during hot seasons. It has a very breathable nature, ensuring you remain cool and ventilated during hot days and nights. Bamboo fabric regulates your body’s heat by allowing airflow. It also takes away any moisture from your skin so you remain dry and breezy, not sticky and hot.

Organic bamboo fabric is ultra soft, making it an absolute joy to wear. No irritation, no scratchy texture, no heaviness, just pure comfort. Additionally it’s hypoallergenic which is fantastic for people with sensitive skin prone to fabric-related allergies. Organic fabric saves delicate skin from redness, itchiness, and discomfort.

Organic bamboo fabric is not only soft and dry, but it is healthy too. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-odour properties to keep you fresh. This is ideal in hot climates or during travel, as you and your garments remain cleaner, fresher, and odour-free for longer.

Organic bamboo fabric is incredibly easy to care for, as it dries very easily and requires cold water for washing. Simply turn your garments inside out, pass through a cold wash, and hang out to dry. Or, simply give them a quick hand wash and hang to dry.


What’s more luxurious and heavenly than wearing silk?

Peace silk, also known as Ahimsa silk, is one of our favourite fabrics to use to create the softest, most beautifully flowing blouses and shirts. Ahimsa silk is a non-violent fabric, created by ethical, animal-friendly methods. Silkworms are unharmed, and the fabric produced is soft, luxurious, and effortlessly comfortable to wear.



– Kind to the skin: organic fabrics are made with care, therefore they are gentle to your skin. Without chemicals and pesticides lurking in the weave, all that’s left is organic, natural fibers which have been grown under the best conditions. Treat your skin to the kindness it deserves, and dress yourself in organic fabrics.

– Remains fresh all day: organic fabrics breathe and regulate heat as you go about your day. Fabrics such as bamboo wick moisture from your body, while still remaining odour-free and bacteria resistant.

– Hypoallergenic: sensitive skin can be very irritated by chemical-heavy, rough-textured fabrics. Redness, itchiness, and discomfort is not something anyone should suffer at the hands of their clothing. Organic, sustainable fabrics are kind to all skin types.

– Supports fair working conditions: in this world of unfairness, it’s important to support our fellow human as much as we can. This includes supporting products which are made in fair, safe, and ethical conditions. The organic, eco-friendly fabrics we use are made in places where the working conditions are strictly regulated to ensure the workers are fairly treated.

– Supports the farming communities: when farming conditions are bad, it affects not only the farmers, but their families too. By buying organic, sustainable fabrics, we are all helping to make the lives of people in farming communities safer, richer, and fairer.

We hope you love our fabrics!