Taylor - Black peace silk fitted shirt with transparent sleeves

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Made from GOTS-certified, hand-crafted Ahimsa silk, this inky black top is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. As soft as it is on the environment, it’s just as soft on your skin. This is a necessary piece for anyone who loves to combine sophistication with drama and sexiness. The opacity of the body contrasts gorgeously with the sheer sleeves, making it a perfect piece for day-to-night transitioning. The button-down design means you can adjust the neckline to your preference, and the curved front hemline means it fits neatly into pants or skirts. Two subtle darts have been expertly placed down the front and back of the piece, allowing the shirt to fit neatly along the curve of the waist for a flattering yet streamlined effect. This blouse will make you feel powerful at work, stylish during the weekend, and mysteriously sexy at night.

● Black fitted shirt
● Elastic silk
● Transparent sleeves
● Full button-down style
● Double cuffs
● Seam lines down the sleeves
● Fitted back and front